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Boiler Change / replacement in Glasgow

We replace boilers all over Glasgow and surrounding areas!

You can rely on The Boiler Change Company to fit you a highly efficient boiler safely, at an amazing price. We are the boiler change / replacement specialists of Glasgow and surrounding areas). The Boiler Change Company will replace any boiler in and around the Glasgow area. We are based in Rutherglen, Glasgow and specialise in boiler repair, combi boiler installation, boiler replacement and servicing.

We guarantee our work for you, and are accredited installers for reputable boiler manufacturers. We provide affordable, safe, carefree combi boiler changes, new heating installation, replacements, upgrades and servicing.

Our skilled staff have many years’ experience in the plumbing and gas industries, giving you a highly professional service. We ensure you get a boiler that matches your needs without any unnecessary add-ons.
Everyone from our company is fully qualified and Gas Safe registered.
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The Boiler Change Company .

We specialise and provide superb prices for boiler changes and heating systems. Our plumbers and gas engineers are trained to the highest standard and have obtained the highest qualifications in order to make sure you are safe and happy with the quality of work carried out.

No gas work will be carried out by anyone other than a fully qualified Gas Safe Registered gas/plumber.

Our staff are friendly and know how to effectively price work accurately. Our aim is to be the best in the market, provide any other tradesmen needed and always provide accurate ETA’s to make sure you don’t spare any more time than needed to get the job done.

We have an impeccable reputation for quality and price. Check out our reviews section for independent reviews further information on work we have done for our customers.

Combi Boilers

Old boiler? The very words sound scary, and the reality is worse. Your present boiler might not be safe, and it surely won’t be saving you money. A new replacement boiler upgrade to a combi boiler could cut fuel bills by a third, providing much cheaper heating and water for you. We will check your current system, anywhere in the Glasgow area, advise you on the options available, and help you find the right solution. Then we’ll fit your new boiler, and provide safe maintenance for as long as you like. You can be carefree!

 We’ll help you choose the right combi boiler for you, at a cost you can afford

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) says that boilers emit 60% of all carbon emissions from homes heated by gas. If your old boiler is 15 years old or more, it is inefficient and expensive to run. It won’t be environmentally friendly either, so a boiler upgrade will greatly help your home to be energy efficient. Change an old G-rated model to one of the latest A-rated condensing boilers, and you will greatly reduce those carbon emissions and save up to 33% on your energy bills. Save the planet, and save your money!

Combi boilers? What are combination boilers?

70% of homes now have combi – or combination boilers: the most popular choice of new generation boilers in the UK. They combine a way to provide both heating and instant hot water in one compact unit, so you can get rid of your traditional water cylinder as well as your immersion heater, too. UK building regulations state that all new boilers must be condensed models now, to save energy and protect the environment. Most of them rate as A or B for efficiency: ‘A’ being most efficient and eco-friendly.

 What do they do? How do combi boilers work?

Cold water passes through the boiler over a heat exchanger, transferring heat from the burner, and ensuring that minimal heat is lost through waste gases.

Therefore the combi boiler produces hot water without needing an immersion heater. It also provides central heating, circulating hot water through radiators, and pipes under your floors.

Advantages of a combi boiler and what you can expect from your boiler replacement.

Why install a combi boiler?

  • Combi boilers save you money.
  • Cut your gas bills by an estimated average of £150-£300 a year by replacing any boiler that’s more than 15 years old.
  • Condensing combi models are extremely energy efficient.
  • They convert at least 86% of fuel into heat, compared with 65% in old boilers – EST reports.
  • They significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Combi boilers save space. They are compact and can fit easily under the stairs or in a kitchen cupboard.

In fact, there’s only one disadvantage for some people. We find Combi boilers are ideal for properties with one-two bathroom properties. Depending on output the combi you go for will provide, it may struggle to supply hot water to more than one outlet at the same time. For example running a bath upstairs while someone is in the shower downstairs. so they don’t suit every household. In this situation where you would need to baths going at once or more then we may recommend a more suitable system boiler or unvented cylinder. This will allow enough hot water and heating for larger properties.

Installing a combi boiler

Gas can be lethal, so it pays to make sure it’s handled properly. To install, service, or repair a gas combi boiler it’s essential you hire a Gas Safe engineer – like any of our team of highly qualified, experienced fitters.

Don’t take the risk of using an unqualified contractor and never attempt to do the job yourself, because your life could be at risk not to mention the boiler might not be working at its best if it’s not installed properly.

Our engineers are gas fitters, fit for purpose. You’re safe and sound with our team.

Cost of installing a combi boiler

How much is a combi boiler? The cost to buy and install a combi boiler depends on the kind of old heating system you wish to replace. Several things can affect your boiler installation costs – like the size of your property, number of radiators, etc. Remember- you don’t have to install a whole new central heating system. If your pipes and radiators are suitable for use with your new boiler installation, you can save yourself a lot of money. If gas heating is new to you and you are changing fuels, you could need a different heating infrastructure.

To change the boiler from an old system to a combi boiler could cost you around £1000+ for cheaper boilers or £1,600+ for a high quality reliable boiler (we recommend Worcester Bosh). We recommend Worcester because we have found them to be longer lasting and more efficient than most other boiler manufacturers boilers we install. Although the are double the price in some cases, we find them to save you money and hassle long term. We fit so many of these boilers every year we are now eligible to get up to 7 year warranties on every Worcester boiler we install for our customers. You can compare several quotes from local boiler specialists – starting with a free quote from us.

We supply boiler quotes throughout the Glasgow area. Our experts will make sure you’ve thought of everything as they guide you through your needs and the installation.

Installation & Services Glasgow

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Gas, Central Heating Installations, Plumbing & Boiler Repairs in and around the Glasgow and Lanarkshire areas.

  • Gas Boiler Replacement and Installation in Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Powerflushing and System Cleansing; Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Unvented Hot Water Systems in Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Plumbing Upgrades & Repairs; Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Fully Insured for up to £2 Million; Glasgow and Lanarkshire
  • Land Lord Certification; Glasow and Lanarkshire
  • Emergency Heating and Plumbing; Glasgow and Lanarkshire